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Kazakhstan Government destroys homes   29.08.2010

On the November 20, 2006 at 6 AM an unidentified person delivered a stack of orders from the Executors of the Karasai District Court. The orders stated that the owners of cottages must destroy thier homes, or they will be destroyed by the government at the expense of the owners. 24 hours later 3 busses full of riot police, 2 ambulances, 2 empty lorries, and executors of Karasai district arrived at the Hindus farm to destroy thier homes and personal temples. They have strictly cordoned off the area to prevent journalists, human rights observers, and congregation from entering the area. As of 16:25 (4:25 PM) they have destroyed three homes and broken out the window of all of the hindus home. At the present it is snowing and is subzero weather. When I last communicated with Kazakhstan the officials were destroying the home of one mother and her newly born infant daughter. Her husband was not present as he was in Almaty.

The Chairman of the Commission that was established to work on the issue, Amanbek Mukhashov, was phoned from India. When he was question he simply closed the telephone call. Mr. Yerlan and Mr. Tulesov, of the Religion committee, have both recently made statements that the work of the commission is still in progress. They both said they had no idea what was happening. In India the Kazakhstan Ambassador, Mr. Umarov, could only repeat the incorrect information which he has recieved from the Kazakhstan central government. The president of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, is at the present moment in England seeking economic investment for his country. This attack is a follow up to foiled attempt to destroy homes in April 2006. The result of that action was international outcry regarding the disregard of human rights of the Kazakh government. The acts constitute religious discrimination against a minority religion in Kazakhstan, as well as a collusion of the local government with the land mafia of Kazakhstan. The issue is under observation by OSCE and International Human rights organisations. We are requesting concerned persons around the world to appeal to your foreign ministry to take up this issue with the Kazakh Ministry of foreign affairs, human rights organisations, OSCE, Helsinki Comittee on Human Rights.