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Appendix 9 - Questions

(Sitarama dasa)

  1. The world is a veritable spiritual supermarket and therefore choosing a spiritual path very difficult. What would be the easiest and most beneficial way of learning how to ‘shop’ for the proper path to true spirituality?
  2. The way of religion is fraught with multiple speculations and often dangerous paths are presented by unqualified persons. How does one ascertain what is religion and what is ir-religion?
  3. The Guru cult has reached ‘popstar’ proportions and the word master a common usage for all kind of fools. What is the most definitive quality of a master and how does the conditioned being learn to understand such a phenomena without training in spiritual essence?
  4. Why are spiritualist against material enjoyment?
  5. How do I become convinced or begin to understand that God is not the origin of tyranny? Most religions seem to strike a deep sense of fear into its adherents and this is not very attractive.
  6. Frankly, why should I denounce the very real enjoyment I obtain from material existence for promises of a better life that I may or may not obtain especially since I’m not very much attracted to renunciation, sacrifice or austerity? If I accept my fate that for every action there is an equal reaction and prepared to pay the price, what need do I have of God?
  7. God says ‘think of Me, worship Me, offer homage unto Meietc. How does one dispel the (mis)understanding among selfish people simply concerned with me, their self, that God’s Me is different from theirs and not some self centered egotism?
  8. If I cannot relate to the Supreme cause of all causes, why am I dissuaded from worshipping the denizens of the Celestial domain? Does it not improve my chances of a better next life if I at least worship those in the ‘employ’ of the Supreme. Since they have knowledge beyond mine, why not travel there, obtain it and simply try again?
  9. Among the humans the need for reciprocal love is intense and the pursuit of this most energetic. How, through this common need, can we fathom the true love that will really set us free?
  10. If one is interested in the absolute nature of the souls eternality then spiritual life seems a very wonderful option, but in the absence of such an understanding or realisation, it sounds quite piffle. How can one become easily convinced of the supremacy of the spirit over matter i.e. the soul over the body? Both render results. One here and now and the other somewhere else, so, inevitably most people will go for the here and now.